Taxidermy animal heads: shoulder mounts


Discover our wide range of stuffed animals and rare species through our catalog which includes over 1,000 species from five continents.

In the past, shoulder mounts or taxidermy animal heads were particularly popular among hunters who wanted to show off their trophies of big game. But times and tastes have changed and today shoulder mounts taxidermy include a very wide range of species. Interior architects and designers, often looking for large imposing pieces that are original and unique, regularly contact us for taxidermy animal heads for sale of a stuffed zebra head, a bison, moose for instance. Some of these mounted pieces are as big as two metres wide and are perfect for hanging above an impressive old chimney or in a very spacious entrance hall.

The ‘cape’ is usually mounted without a plinth, but with an attachment system at the back for hanging it up. When the head that has been mounted belongs to a rare or exceptional species, we recommend presenting it on a pedestal or fixing it to a wooden or Plexiglas plinth so that it is highlighted in its full glory.

In order to simplify the transport and mounting of very large pieces, the wood and antlers accompanying the capes are often removable.

Advice on preservation: shoulder mounts must be kept in hygrometric conditions at a controlled temperature (humidity between 45 and 60 percents and a constant temperature between 20 and 23°C), away from direct sunlight as UV rays discolour the coats.

Most of the animals species that are showed in our catalogue can be realized as full mounts or shoulder mounts.