Animal hides for sale


Discover our wide range of stuffed animals and rare species through our catalog which includes over 1,000 species from five continents.

Animal hides or animal skin rugs are one of the derivatives of animal taxidermy.

Real high-quality skins for your interiors are always 100% natural. Depending on the texture, the pelt or fur, each skin that is mounted as a rug creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your designated room. Thanks to the very wide variety of species we offer, you can choose from a selection of different natural shades and patterns.

There are endless mounting options and a great way to decorate with animals mounts : rugs, throws, wall hangings or as part of a patchwork or integrated into a work of art.

Animal hides can be made with or without baize backing, sometimes mounted on silk, with or without the mounted head of the animal.

Lion rugs, zebra rugs or polar bear rugs are most popular at the moment. But there’s no reason why you cannot have a kudu or a giraffe made into a rug for your drawing room or your office!

The throws are made from the fur of animals such as a fox, coyote or mink.

When you visit our showroom, you will also discover several skins that have been mounted very originally as works of art.

As we specialize in customising mounted animals, all you have to do is communicate your most creative ideas for cutting and mounting and your wishes will become reality. That is our challenge.

All the skins of protected species are accompanied by the documents required by the Washington Convention (CITES certificate).

Cleaning real skins is easy and presents no particular problems: all you have to do is shake them and vacuum clean them at regular intervals.

For more details and photos, have a look at our collection of animal hides for sale or for rent in our catalogue.