Polyester moulds


Discover our wide range of stuffed animals and rare species through our catalog which includes over 1,000 species from five continents.

In our catalogue you will see a wide range of polyester moulds.

Elephants, fish, turtles, crocodiles, cows, impalas, etc. all of which are life-size.

The craftspeople with whom we work turn to the very latest technology for inspiration and reproduce the very tiniest details of the original texture of the authentic animal skins. They work with resin, polyester, polyurethane foam and glass fibre. The patinas are created using natural pigments and different blends of paints that are able to resist variations in climate.

These reproductions can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces and can as such be perfectly integrated into your design plans.

Thanks to their great precision and attention to detail, as well as the perfected technological advantages, these polyester moulds are also used as scientific reproductions in a great many museums and presented in an increasing number of educational institutions.