Scientific reproductions of species


Discover our wide range of stuffed animals and rare species through our catalog which includes over 1,000 species from five continents.

Our company is regularly called on to participate in calls for tenders from natural history museums around the globe.

Heads of cultural establishments and educational institutions regularly come to us either to broaden their collection of mounted animals with the addition of different species, some of which are very rare, or to ask us to make scientific reproductions of species that are currently extinct.

Dodos, short-faced bears, giant megaloceros, gorillas, labrador ducks are just a small number of the replicas of very rare species or species threatened with extinction that we have already produced.

These scientific reproductions can be made using pure taxidermy procedures with natural skins or feathers, or with synthetic materials.

We also offer reconstitutions of prehistoric humans. Our catalogue includes a reproduction for instance of the Peking Man -– Homo Erectus Pekinensis – or a reconstitution of Neanderthal man. These incredible pieces are moulded in silicone with synthetic hair for their head and body.