Full mounts taxidermy for hire or sale


Discover our wide range of stuffed animals and rare species through our catalog which includes over 1,000 species from five continents.

The category of full mounts animals includes a wide range of species that you will find in our catalogue.

Our selection provides you with an extensive range of taxidermy for hire but also to buy.

A very large number of small and large mammals can also be viewed in our showroom. These animals take you on a visual journey around the world and include polar bears, snow panthers and leopards.

All these animals are mounted with the greatest respect for the natural anatomy of each species. The craftspeople that we work with reproduce the best positions, attitudes and expressions of each animal.

We specialize in mounting species to customized requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote for a special mounting for rent or sale. Such is the degree of our expertise, that we are able to reproduce any poses and expressions you desire: standing, sitting, lying down, attacking, with a gentle or an aggressive expression. Just share your ideas with us, no matter how extravagant they may be. We will turn your wish into reality.

In the same way that each animal on the planet is unique and exclusive, so is the mounted version we will create for you.

All the full mounts animals taxidermy are available for hire or sale.

We are committed to respecting international legislation and our animals are always accompanied by the documents required by the Washington Convention (CITES certificate) that guarantees the origin and traceability of each animal.

Advice on preservation: mounted animals must be kept in hygrometric conditions at a controlled temperature (humidity between 45 and 60 percents and a constant temperature between 20 and 23°C), away from direct sunlight as UV rays discolour the coats.