Taxidermy birds


Discover our wide range of stuffed animals and rare species through our catalog which includes over 1,000 species from five continents.

The world of our feathered friends represents a wide range of species that you will find in our catalogue in the birds taxidermy section.

A visit to our showroom will enable you to travel around the world and discover a surprising variety of birds of prey, pheasants, ducks, parrots, budgerigars, penguins and much more. The species represented here, some of them extremely rare, come from all five continents.

The red-and-green macaw, parrot from the rainforests of South America will amaze you with the intensity of its colors. Endangered species, the scarlet ibis with its flaming red plumage will fascinate you. From the Caribbeans the American flamingo will surprise you by its size and its pink/red color.

Mounting birds or taxidermy birds is a highly detailed work that requires scientific knowledge of anatomy and artistic talent in equal measure. The craftspeople with whom we work show total commitment to respecting each of the minute stages of preparing the skins in order to preserve the colours and density of the plumage. This process determines the durability of the birds’ skin.

Thanks to our expertise in animal taxidermy, we are able to offer you mounted birds – some of them very surprising – that respect all the allure and natural elegance of each species: at rest, flying, wings open or closed, etc.

Every single bird is unique and its plumage is defined by the seasons, its gender and age, so that every single mounted object is also unique and exclusive.

Birds with a brightly coloured plumage will fit beautifully in just about any interior. Some rather more spectacular mounted specimens, are a veritable and exceptional work of art in their own right.

Natural history museums also call on us at regular intervals to enlarge their collection of birds with species, some of them quite rare, or to ask us to produce mounted specimens that can be used in particular settings or scenographies.

Our ‘study skin or ‘cabinet skin’ mounts are of interest to scientists and students. These ‘flat’ mounts are essentially designed for scientific research departments of museums and cultural establishments. They are the perfect way for people to study birds from all over the world.

Our taxidermy birds for sale or for rent are accompanied by the documents required by the Washington Convention (CITES certificate).

Advice on preservation: mounted birds must be kept in hygrometric conditions at a controlled temperature (humidity between 45 and 60 percents and a constant temperature between 20 and 23°C), away from direct sunlight as UV rays discolour their plumage.

Find out more about our birds taxidermy for sale or rent in our catalogue. 

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