Our extensive range of stuffed mammals and birds

We are taxidermy specialist in Belgium providing stuffed animals for sale and for rent

Our extensive range of stuffed animals for sale covers mammals as well as birds.

This online catalog will give you an idea of what we can realise according to the availability of skins. Please take a look for a request of quotation or an order.

More than 1000 taxidermy species coming from five continents are shown on our online catalog. A classification by continents and types of taxidermy items (Shoulder mount, Full-size, Art&Decoration, Rugs/hides, Trophies-Skulls-Skeletons, Birds, Polyester moldings and Reproductions) will make the use of this catalog easier.

Stuffed animals for sale which are exhibited in our showroom are always delivered with the documents required by the Washington Convention (CITES).

Do not hesitate to send us your own request if you are looking for an amazing mounting or a specific expression. Taxidermy is a science but also an art !

Our extensive range covers mammals as well as birds