Scimitar oryx – Oryx dammah

Scimitar oryx – Oryx dammah

Scimitar-horned oryx – Oryx dammah

Scimitar-horned oryx, sometimes called Libyan or white oryx oryx, no longer exists in the wild. It is found in zoos, in Europe, in national parks in Tunisia and Morocco and it likes the steppes and deserts. It is now trying to reintroduce it in its natural habitat.

Its coat is white to beige except to its chest, legs and wail which are light brown to brown; it also has black marks on its nose and forehead. Both sexes have long, thin rimmed horns.

It is a Placental mammal. Its weight is between 150 and 210 kg.

This herbivore feeds on leaves, herbs and fruits.

The gestation period is about 270 days and the female only gives birth to one cubs. Its lifespan is estimated at 20 years.