A beautifull zebra shoulder mount! #taxidermy #taxidermie #stuffedanimals #animauxnaturalisés #zebra #zèbre...
Lors de la mission royale en Chine de L.L.M.M. Le Roi Philippe et La Reine Mathilde de Belgique, Masaï Gallery,...
The Recollection - Antwerp
Wauw Shop - Courtrai
Wauw Shop - Courtrai
A new week begins with some new arctic foxes... Available right now! #arcticfoxes #renardspolaires #taxidermy...
Les Nuits du Botanique - Belgium
Display in Spa - Belgium
Marlboro display

Exceptional display, extraordinary event, for Christmas treat yourself to the exclusivity, dream and fantasy!

Masai Gallery offers, for sale or lease, this beautiful Santa’s sleigh with its 3 reindeers!


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  • mounting taxidermy animals and birds from all five continents
  • producing polyester moulds of animals
  • scientific reproduction of extinct species
  • scientific reconstitution of prehistoric humans
  • decorating with taxidermy mounts
  • renting our stuffed animals, polyester replicas and reproductions

The main characteristic of the work we carry out is the customisation.  Each item that is exhibited in our showroom and in the private taxidermy collection is unique.

Our objective is to give animals that have died of natural causes a new lease of life by reproducing and restoring their most beautiful expressions.

Taxidermied animals is for us the art of mounting animals which requires an in-depth knowledge of the natural anatomy of each species and demands highly detailed and precise procedures when creating the poses of the animals as well as their visual expressions.  These looks and poses must translate the emotions that customers are looking for.  The selection of skins and the tanning process determine the quality of the work that we offer.

We also have a surprising range of polyester reproductions of animals.  These moulds are made by craftspeople who are able turn to the very latest technology for inspiration and reproduce the very tiniest details of the original texture of the authentic animal skin.  These reproductions can be used as decorative items for indoor or outdoor spaces.

We work in a wide and varied range of areas.  Our greatest wish is to work with people from different market segments: decorators, designers, architects, set designers, photographers, etc. Moreover, we have a strong experience of taxidermy for museums and we appreciate to work with curators of natural history museums and teaching institutions.

We receive clients in our showroom by appointment only.

All taxidermy animals for sale or rent are accompanied by the documents required by the Washington Convention (CITES).

Our guiding principle is to respect nature, the animals and international regulations governing the protection of species.


Our catalog contains more than 1,000 taxidermy species from five continents.  Our extensive range covers mammals as well as birds.

New items

We regularly offer you new ideas for mounted pieces as well as polyester moulds, to decorate your interior. Some of the great advantages of coming to us are the originality of the mountings and the rarity of the species we offer.

Sale and renting / location

All the taxidermy specimens and the animal casts shown in our catalog are available for sale or renting. The taxidermy hire is one of our strengths.

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