Black rhinoceros shoulder mount – Polyester – Color : natural – Diceros bicornis

Black rhinoceros shoulder mount – Polyester – Color : natural – Diceros bicornis

Black rhinoceros -Diceros bicornis- shoulder mount

Molding in polyester- color : natural
Other rhinoceros avalaible : white rhinoceros, javan rhinoceros, sumatra rhinoceros
Molding : shoulder mount or full mount
Colors : natural, white, metallic grey – other color available upon request


Black rhinoceros – Diceros bicornis

The black rhinoceros is a mammal from the order of Perissodactyla, family Rhinocerotidae and the only species in the gender Diceros.
The black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros is native from eastern and central Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroun, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Angola)
The most accepted scheme considers 7 or 8 subspecies of which 3 became extinct and 1 is on the brink of extinction:

  • Cape rhinoceros (D. b. bicornis) – Extinct
  • North-eastern black rhinoceros (D. b. brucii) – Extinct
  • Chobe black rhinoceros (D. b. chobiensis) – Nearly extinct
  • Uganda black rhinoceros (D. b. ladoensis) – Probably surviving in Kenyan reserves
  • Western black rhinoceros (D. b. longipes) – Extinct
  • Eastern black rhinoceros (D. b. michaeli) – Living exclusively in Tanzania
  • South-central black rhinoceros (D. b. minor) – Most widely distributed subspecies, characterised by a compact body, proportionally large head and prominent skin-folds. Ranged from north-eastern South Africa to northeastern Tanzania and southeastern Kenya.
  • South-western black rhinoceros (D. b. occidentalis) – A small subspecies, adapted to survival in desert and semi-desert conditions. It lives in wildlife reserves in Namibia with sporadic sightings in Angola.

Although the rhinoceros is referred as black, its colors vary from dark yellow brown to dark brown or dark gray.
The black rhinoceros has two horns and occasionally a third small posterior horn. The anterior horn is longer than the posterior, averaging 50cm long.
The other African rhinoceros is the white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum).

The black rhinoceros is distinguished from the white rhinoceros by a prehensile upper lip (hence the alternative name of hook-lipped rhino), which it uses to feed on twigs of woody plants and a variety of herbaceous plants.


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