Giant eland / Lord Derby eland – Taurotragus derbianus

Giant eland / Lord Derby eland – Taurotragus derbianus

Giant Eland – Taurotragus derbianus

Also called Lord Derby Eland,it is one of bigger species of antelope. This ruminant of the family of cattle wears high its distinguishing feature: its magnificent horns in the shape of spirals. This proud representative of the class of mammals also recognizes itself thanks to vertical white strips, which get loose on its fawn coat. Its coat turns towards the grey with the age.

The Giant Eland evolves in the savanna, because its size and its impressive horns would be very annoying too in forest environment. If this animal was not also discreet, we could meet it in all Central Africa, from the Chad to the Centrafrique including Cameroon.

If it prefers buds and young leaves, it can occasionally content itself with grass, rather at night and never very far from a water source. It so spends every day, a lot of time, to look its food and of which quench thirst.

The end of the summer marks the beginning of the mating season and the couples form. Later 8,5 to 9,5 months of gestation, females give birth to 1 to young in spring. The male adults leave then solo, whereas the mothers and the young stay together in unstable rags from 15 to 60 individuals. The Eland change frequently groups and zone of housing environment. Safe in period of rutting season, it is rather peaceful. The fights between males remain rare and brief and they develop a defensive strategy based on the effect of mass in the face of their natural predators such as the lions.

Not identified in the list of the threatened animals, it represents a very appreciated hunting trophy.


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