Giraffe – Juvenile – Giraffa camelopardalis

Giraffe – Juvenile – Giraffa camelopardalis

Giraffe – Juvenile – Giraffa camelopardalis

We realize stuffed giraffe (juvenile or adult) in shoulder or full mount.

The most amazing is the giraffe shoulder mount with turned neck !

Giraffe – Giraffa camelopardalis

The giraffe is a mammal as part of cloven hoofed animals and ruminants. This means that it is a mammal whose legs have fingers with horn as a kind of nail.

The giraffe is a herbivore animal native to the African savannahs and spread from Chad to South Africa. It is best known for his long neck. In the course of evolution, this animal has adapted to pick the leaves at the tops of trees because very few animals can reach them. The animal can reach up to 6 meters high. Thus the giraffe has a reserve of food always available.

The neck of the giraffe has also always interested scientists including NASA engineers who have studied the anatomy of the giraffe to understand the effect of gravity on blood flow. Indeed, when the giraffe lowers its head blood flow becomes very important. Also its heart must be powerful enough to irrigate the head of the animal when his neck is prepared.

There are generally 9 giraffe species according to their geographical distribution and differences in coat color.

Regarding the reproduction of the giraffe, there is often fights between males for females honors. Females can start putting down from 5 years. Gestation lasts 15 months. At birth, the girafon measures 2 meters for a weight ranging from 40 to 80 kg. The baby giraffe will remain with its mother for the first few months; the withdrawal will take place between 12 and 16 months but girafons continue to live with the females until the age of two years. Sexual maturity occurs between 3 and 4 years for females and 4 to 5 years for males



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