Crested Partridge – Rollulus rouloul

Crested Partridge – Rollulus rouloul

Crested partridge – Rollulus rouloul

This small partridge is also known as the crested wood partridge, roul-roul, red-crowned wood partridge or green wood partridge. This is one of the most common Asian forest partridge.

It belongs to the Phasianidae family.

The male has a blue-green metallic luster, a remarkable red crest shaped brush and a clear white spot on the forehead. The female red crest is absent but a long frontal whiskers remain. Head throat are slate gray, turning blackish on the neck. The rest of the body plumage is green.

It is found in lowland rainforests in South Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. Crested partridge likes dark forest.

The crested partridge is monogamous.

Its nest is a ground scrape lined with leaves, which is concealed under a heap of leaf litter. Five or six white eggs are incubated for 18 days. Both parents care for the education of young, feeding beak to beak. Also strange for partridges, small, although early, remain in the nest until they become autonomous around the age of three months.