African Green Pigeon – Treron calvus

African Green Pigeon – Treron calvus

African green pigeon – Treron calvus

The African green pigeon is from the African continent, the Sahara, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon and Zaire, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Mozambique.
It lives in
a wide range of wet and semi-arid landscapes within Tropical Africa. In densely wooded areas, especially forests in the humid tropics, in agricultural land and plantations. In more arid regions, it is found in many types of savannas and in tree galleries that line the waterways.

This species depends on certain categories of trees such as fig, brachystegia and combretum. Bare forehead columbars live from sea level to 2100 meters. 

It emits a song divided into three or four parts. It starts with twenty trilling whistles, continues with sharp crackle and then a mixture of low grunts and quiet notes.

They are mainly arboreal and reproduction takes place every month of the year but there may be significant differences between regions. They nest alone but nests are sometimes quite close to each other. They forage in the canopy where they find a large variety of fruits. They are particularly fond of wild figs. They also consume the product of trees. They also appreciate the ripe fruit, peaches and plums. They also collect wild seeds, grains and buds in the mangroves.