Siver teal – Anas versicolor

Siver teal – Anas versicolor

Silver teal – Anas versicolor

The silver teal, also called versicol teal is a 
little water duck. It has a bright blue beak crossed by a black line. At the base of this line are two small yellow spots. The upper half of its head is black while the lower half is light beige. The flank feathers are white barred by a black line. The chest is ocher and black. Its legs are gray. It measures forty centimeters and a weight of 400 g.  
Its diet consists mainly of plants and aquatic plants. It does not disdain seeds and small aquatic insects.
Like all ducks, teal needs a water source. So it likes wetlands and open preference, that is to say without trees along the water.
The breeding season runs from September to January. In general, teal couples are very united and remain throughout their lives. The nest is made of grass and down and always near water, hidden by tall grass. Slightly less than 10 eggs will be laid by the female, which incubates them for 4 weeks.
Upon hatching, the ducklings feed on their own by imitating their parents. The male plays a bigger role in the education of children.
It is at the end of sixty days that they begin to fly.Its lifespan is on average 15 years.

The population of teal is stable and has a large number of individuals. The species is not threatened.


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