Common Bronzewing – Phaps chalcoptera

Common Bronzewing – Phaps chalcoptera

Common bronzewing – Phaps chalcoptera

The Choucadors are very gregarious birds living in large groups consisting of 12 to 100 individuals. The more these groups are, the more they are effective for collective defense against bird rapaces.

It is rather omnivorous, feeding on fruits and insects. They nest in natural cavities of trees, but they may also build nests under house eaves or inside pipes for irrigation.

The nest, shallow, is built with dried herbs and garnished with green or dry leaves. Even after the eggs are hatched, the female continues to report fragments of leaves to refresh the litter that lines the bottom of the nest. Laying usually includes 2 or 3 pale blue eggs with reddish brown spots that the female incubates only about 23 days. Both parents take turns feeding the chicks that receive priority caterpillars. Their stay in the nest will be approximately 1 month.

This species can live about 20 years.